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Nordch FINch Intuch Ziams Xanadu  "Madicken"

Född/born: 22/02-96
e. Nuch Such Exraordinary Tea Cake
u. Intuch Norduch Ziams Hot Vibrations

Hennes valpar/Her puppies:

Kull 1/Litter 1:
e. SNuch Intuch Ge-Mihs Phoenix Of Fire.

Such Ziams Handsome Guy.
Intuch NorduchZiams Hugo Boss

Kull 2/Litter 2:
e.Finuch Leeward's Fire Lion.

Such Ziams Let Me Be The One.
Intuch Norduch Nuch NordV-01 Ziams Lord Of The Dance
Ziams Let's Stick Together



 Nuch Such Extaordinary Tea Cake
Nuch Such Shierikos Ringo Star
Nuch Such Lhakang Bells A Ringin
Nuch Such Intch Jessame Golden
Nuch Boreas Manchu-Candy Nuch Such Whisborne Gamble On
Intuch Nordch Lhakang Celandine
Intuch Nordch Ziams Hot Vibrations Intuch Nordch Ziams Master Of The House Such Nuch Intch Sonobra Leader Of The Pack
Intuch Nordch Ziams Christmas Joy
Ziams Catch The Beauty Princes

Such Nch Intch Grandavon Viceroy

Ziams Look At The Sweetest Of All


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